To create new employee record go to Employees menu >> Master tab >> click on Add Employee button


In Create Employee page, users can see 6 sections. i.e., Personal Details, Official Details, PF And ESI, Leave Details, Other Info and Salary Details.

In Personal Details tab:

ü *Code: Enter the Employee Code/ID/Number, if the code has to be generated automatically, do the configurations under Payroll Settings >> Configure Rules à Setup rules tab à Select Generate Employee code automatically? And enter Code Format

ü *Name: Enter employee name, as it would reflect in all relevant reports

ü *Gender: Select appropriate Gender, as this has impact on various calculations.

ü *Date of Birth: Enter appropriate DOJ, as this has impact on various calculations.

ü Email Address: Enter correct email id, as all mail communications from system would go to this mail id.

ü Photo: Employee photos can be uploaded here and only image files are allowed

ü PAN: Permanent Account Number has to be updated, as this would fetch in 24Q report which is filed quarterly to IT department.

ü Rest all fields in this page is self-explanatory to enter the details.

In Official Details tab:

ü *Joining date: Enter appropriate DOJ, as this has impact on various calculations.

ü *Location: Select appropriate Branch/Location, as this has the dependency on various configurations and salary calculations.

ü Confirmation Period: Either DATE/MONTH can be entered here, based on the configuration in company profile (Refer help manual – Company profile – Setup rules to check on configuration), month / date to be entered.

ü Payment Mode, *Bank a/c number, *Bank Name, IFSC Code and Bank to be paid from, are the fields related to employee bank account, here which should be updated, in order to fetch Bank Statement Report.

NoteBank A/c No, Bank Name, IFSC Code and Bank to be paid from, can be left blank, if Payment Mode is Cheque/Cash,

ü Enable ESS: Enable this option to give Employee Self-Service login to employees.

ü Rest of the fields is self-explanatory to enter the details, select the list of values from the drop down list where it is applicable.

Note: The fields which has list of values in the drop down list should have been created already, refer help manual to Master values.


In PF & ESI tab: Provident Fund (PF) and Employee State Insurance (ESI)


Ø Select Employee has PF as “Yes”, if PF is applicable to employee and input the related information.

Ø Similarly, select Employee has ESI as “Yes”, if ESI is applicable to employee and enter ESI number

In Leave Details tab:

All the leave types created in the Leave Master will get displayed. Select only those which are applicable to an employee and enter Opening Balance and system would calculate the figures of Accrued Leave days against each leave type based on the configuration.


In Other Info tab:


The list of UDF created will get displayed in employee profile. Refer help manual – User Defined Fields

Users can fill the values in the created fields.

In Salary Details tab:


Ø CTC (annual): Enter the amount of Annual CTC (Cost To Company).

Ø FBP: Enter Flexi Benefit Plan amount, if FBP is applicable in salary structure

Ø Variable Pay: Enter Variable Pay amount

Ø Template: Select appropriate template, if template wise salary structure is defined

Ø Display CTC Based Components: Select this check box to filter out only CTC Based Component i.e., only Part Of CTC components

Ø Calculate: Click on Calculate button after entering amounts in the salary components in the grid, system calculates salary only if Salary Structure is formula driven, if it not formula driven, key in manual figures.

Ø Difference Amount: Any difference in salary breakup comparing the CTC, would reflect in this field


NoteFields prefixed with Asterisk [ * ], are the mandatory fields which should be filled, else system would not allow users to save employee records.

Click here to import employees bulk wise.