Document management module helps user to store & attach the relevant documents to an employee profile.


Go to More tab >> expand Employees section >> under Doc Management >> Click on Create Documents

To create new category follow below steps: 

Employee Doc: Give the name of the document to be created like MBA, MCOM, PAN, Passport copy etc.


Show in ESS: Enabling this check box will make Employee to view the documents in ESS


Allow Edit in ESS: This option will give rights to employee to edit / upload the documents.


click on Save button to the save the above information.

After master configuration, user can update / add the Documents of the Employee in their profile.


Go to Employee menu >> Master tab >> select an employee and go to Document Management tab to update / Add the document. Click on any document name to view / Add documents.


Click on View to view the document, click on Choose file to select a file to Add and click on Remove the Employee Document.