Employee Master

In this page, users can view the list of employee records and can also be edited / altered at employee level or in a bulk. Also, a new employee can be created.


Go to Employees menu >> in Master tab

To alter selected employee records below are the steps:

Ø By default system will display all active employees list, user shall select the appropriate filters to view defined filters employees records

Ø One employee details can be fetched by entering employee code/name in search field.

Ø To edit single employee details double click on selected employee record

Ø To add new employee details click on Add Employee button and fill the relevant details, refer Create Employee for more info.

To alter employee details in Bulk:

Go to Employees menu >> in Master tab >> in Add Employee button expand dropdown list >> and click on Bulk Edit Employee Master

This feature allows users to export master details of all employee records for selected fields and to make alterations in the employee records.


In Employee Master Export page:

Ø Select the Criteria to filter the employees on given categories and select fields on which values need to be altered.

Ø Click on button Export, to export/download the employee master details

Ø Enter the new values or change existing data in the downloaded excel sheet.

Ø Save the file in local system / hard drive.

Ø In Import option, click on browse, Select the saved file from local hard drive and click on Load to upload into Paybooks.