Leave Year creation:

Go to Employees menu >> More tab >> expand Transactions section >> under Leave/Time Management >> click on Create Leave Year link. In this page define new Leave Year and Save.

The Leave Year remains inactive until you process Leave year end. To allow employees to apply leave for next leave year, just create leave year and keep it in in-active mode.


Post creating leave year, it is not allowing employees to apply for leave, since carry forward option is not provided.

Process Leave Year: 

Go to Employees menu >> More tab >> expand Employees section >> under Leave Management >> click on Leave Year End link. 

Select Previous Leave Year and click on Process.



1. Leave year end has to be processed only after the completion of leave year, for instance, you can run it on 1st of January in case leave year is from January to December, if leave year is from April to March, run it on 1st of April.


2. Once leave year end is processed, based on leave configuration leave balances will get carry forward to next leave year and employee cannot apply leaves for previous leave year.


3. Before processing leave year ensure all pending leave applications of employee are either approved/rejected.


4. Post completion of leave year end process, employees can not apply leaves for previous leave year.


5. Leaves cannot be applied spanning 2 leave years. For example: if Leave to be taken from 27th Dec to 3rd Jan, then it has to be split while applying leaves by employee as 2 records i.e., 27th to 31st Dec and 1st to 3rd Jan.


6. If we have updated the Max Leave balance in Rules tab the Max Carry forward at year end option in Encashment tab will not be considered. Whatever the balance you have mention under Max Leave balance that will be carried forward to next year instead of Max carry forward at year end.