FBP Reconciliation


In this page, all employees’ unclaimed FBP amounts can be viewed and Process of Unclaimed FBP can also be done.


Go to Employees menu >> More tab >>  Expand Transaction Section >> Under Flexible Benifts >> click on Reco link


As shown in the below pic, each employees Total Eligibility, Total Claimed Amount and Unclaimed Amount can be seen

Click on unclaimed amount link in View/Edit column, against each employee record to view detailed statement component wise. Refer below screen. 

Process Unclaimed FBP

On processing unclaimed FBP amount, it would be paid as taxable components with salary in the month of March i.e., end of Financial Year.


Before processing unclaimed FBP, ensure below things are taken care;

1. Unclaimed Reimbursement component should be created

2. Till March all FBP claims has to be proved and FBP should be locked/closed under Process >> Control >> FBP Reimbursement


Note: For now, unclaimed FBP can be processed only at the yearend after closing the FBP month of March


Click on Process Unclaimed FBP button to run the unclaimed FBP and process payroll and then check the salary statement