This page help Admin users to control IT declarations of the employees, which employees can declare in ESS login. Generally employees plan their IT Savings in the beginning of the year and provide actuals at the end of the year. From paybooks employee login, employees can enter planned IT savings under Planner column and actuals under Actual column.


Enabling or Disabling of Planner and Actual columns of Employee Login can be controlled from the below screen. Planner, Actuals can be locked either for all locations or location wise or employee wise.

Investment Declaration window can be controlled in 2 ways i.e., all employees and employee-wise.

Find the below steps to open and close the Tax declarations in for all employees:

Go to Employees menu >> More tab >>  expand Transactions section >> under Income Tax Compliance >> click on Control ESS Access link

Here select the Financial Year 

Lock/Unlock controls location wise in Lock Planner & Lock Final columns 

And click on Save button after said actions are performed.

If it is for individual employee-wise:

Go to Employees menu >> More tab >>  expand Transactions section >> under Income Tax Compliance >> click on Adjustments link

Lock/Unlock controls employee wise either from the list or by searching employee in Lock Planner & Lock Final columns